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I've had really mixed feelings today. It's not one of those bad times one might have with mixed feelings. There just seems like there's a lot going on right now. I slept in this morning, so I didn't get to the cross-country thing at 9:00. Fortunately our guys didn't start until later anyway, so I made it in plenty of time to get the pictures I needed to take. When I saw the team from Heber Springs, I was reminded of my dear sweet friend April Whaley that just so happens to be on the Heber Springs cross country team. I talked to her on ICQ after I got home, and she said she wasn't there because of some band thing she had to go to. Taking pictures of the cross-country team was rather tiring, mainly because it was in the hot sun unlike the football games I'm so used to going to. Mrs. Little offered to treat me to lunch, but I greatfully declined, wanting to head home to get some more rest before I had to go to Subway to take a picture for an ad in the yearbook. After that I came back home and rested some more until it was time to pick up my sister from her debate trip. After we picked her up, my dad, sister, and I all went out to eat at Ci-Ci's. Then we came back home and my sister packed up so she could go babysit our little cousin Randy. When I took her, I stayed for a while trying to get Randy's computer online with their new cable modem. Unfortunately, the monitor wasn't getting a signal, and they didn't have a cable outlet in the room with the computer. I don't know what they did to the computer, or what they'll do about a cable outlet. On the way home, I decided to do a little drive-by to check on dear old Rachel Trusty. She told me yesterday that she got accepted onto the board for the arts center (Congratulations Rachel!) and that she cut her hair off. I can't imagine her with short hair, but I'm sure it looks beautiful. Anyway, I drove by a couple times and saw her room light on and someone watching TV downstairs. After that I drove on home and got on the computer. I'd really love to go out and do something like go for a midnight swim or go up on the mountain to the bluffs just to lay out under the stars, but it's a bit late and I don't think my dad would go for that. The pool would be too cold, besides which we already covered it up, and it's just too late to go up on the mountain. I'm just in a good mood, and I think it'd be really peaceful and beautiful out tonight. Oh well, enough of this novel. If you're still here, thanks for reading all of this stuff.


All in all, today was a pretty decent day for me. It started out fairly quiet, going to the library to work on a project for English. Then we did some new stuff in calculus, I played around with LightWave, took a test in history, ran around and did stuff in yearbook, and then did a worksheet in physics. A lot of other people were having a rough day today, which kind of brought me down a little. People were stressed out over the yearbook, and Rachel Trusty said she wasn't feeling too well. Nikki Holbrook wasn't there again either. I did my best to try and bring some spirits up, although I'm not sure I did much good. We even lost the football game we played tonight, that I was taking pictures of. We got out pretty quickly without any major traffic problems. Someone yelled out something to the effect of, "Zelnick rules!" in the crowd, but I can never tell if it's actually one of my friends or just some preppy jerk being gay. Tomorrow I get to wake up early and take my sister to school for something she has to do. Then I get to take cross country pictures, and later an ad picture for subway. Jared Fitzgibbon said he quit his job at IMC Studios, so I'm going to try to work up a resume rather quickly and get a job there sometime soon. Other than that, it looks like it's going to be a pretty dull weekend.


Today's been a really long day. It started out pretty good, but it just dragged on. My mom went to Tunica again, this time with some guy that goes every now and then. I think she's supposed to be back by Saturday. I got to school on time to go to the commons and talk to the gang for a little while, although that consisted mostly of standing and staring blankly at the table, which I've become quite good at over the past 17 years. Nikki Holbrook was back, so it was good to see her again. She was pretty quiet though, so I didn't say much to her. Later, after lunch, I went to the EAST lab to give out a few yearbook forms to people that hadn't gotten them from their advisory teachers. While I was in there, Thomas Hollingsworth told me about a big Quake III Arena tournament he and a bunch of others are hoping to have sometime in October. He said there'd be door prizes, so maybe I'll go despite the massive amounts of artillery being launched in my direction. I don't expect to last long in the tournament if I go, but it should still be pretty fun. Maybe I'll get lucky and win somethin cool for the door prize. Then during 7th period, I got out of physics to go to the journalism room with the photography class to see a guy talk about composition and stuff. He did a good job, but he didn't really talk about much I didn't already know. He did have a few tricks to show though, like speed-loading the film. I'll have to try that at the game tomorrow night. When I finally got home from school, I rested for longer than I should have instead of reading my history or doing calculus, and now I'm up at 12:30 typing my stupid daily log. After this I'm going to turn off the computer, brush my teeth, and go to bed.


Today has been pretty cool, except for the fact that CyberCities is down, so that's why the page hasn't been updated in the past two days. I'm hoping they have the site up by tonight so I can update the site, but if not I'll just have to wait until they get things fixed up. At least now you can at least get to the site. Yesterday the page wouldn't load at all. Now I just can't upload anything new. I've got a bunch of pictures from Jennifer Hawkins's surprise birthday party, but I can't put them up until CyberCities is up. Other than that, today's been pretty quiet. I made a test strip of the film I developed yesterday for yearbook. Now I just need to make a contact sheet to see how all the pictures came out. Then we got out two hours early for some teacher meeting or something, so it's been really boring since I've been home. I can't update the site, and I have nothing else to do. I thought about going out and just dropping in on someone, but I couldn't decide who, so I guess I'm not going to do that tonight. I'll just wait until tomorrow and hope CyberCities is back up by then.


I had a pretty good day today. We didn't quite get finished watching Excalibur in English, I only have 3 problems to do for calculus homework, no homework for history, developed some film for the yearbook, and then more easy stuff in physics, but no homework. About 15 minutes before the end of 6th period, I went and got Sarah Hindsman out of class to take a few pictures of her with her bug. Her dad got an ad in the yearbook, and wanted her to be the model in the picture, so we just went out in front of the school and took a few pictures there. I'm sure she enjoyed getting out of class for a bit. I ran into Rachel Trusty several times throughout the day, once being in the morning because I got there a bit earlier than usual today. After school I went down to Mr. Hines's room to pay my $5 to join the art club. Beth Scott insisted it would be fun, so I figured I'd give it a try. On the way back out, Rachel showed me her drawing of a person opening up a door to their heart, revealing a person inside screaming bloody murder. What a twisted mind that girl has. I told her I had a picture of her on the page here, so maybe she'll come visit it sometime tonight and read all the stuff I've written about her in my daily logs.


Today was interestingly busy. At first it was pretty quiet. I got all my work done and everything was going pretty well. Then 5th period got really busy. I was sent into town twice to get checks from businesses for their yearbook ads. I barely got back in time for 7th period. Luckily Mr. Bradley, my physics teacher, doesn't really mind if I'm a few seconds late. Then after school I went around town some more to get more checks from businesses. I completely forgot about my sister needing to go to the dentist, so when I got home around 4:30 I found her sitting out back reading a book. I told her to keep a house key with her, but she never listens to me. Sorry you had to sit out there in the cold for so long, sis! Then after I started working on the page some, Susi called to talk for a little while. I think she burned herself cooking. You can never trust these blondes in the kitchen, ya know. I've added a bunch of pictures to the Pictures page. Hope you like them. I would have more, but a bunch got messed up because my camera, well, sucks. I don't know when I'll have any more, but that should do for now.

Later my dad, sister, and I went to JC Penny to take a look at some shirts for me. Woohoo! I got a couple. Then I stopped to talk to Nikki Barr for a couple seconds before they closed. Then we went to Hastings to talk to Eric Moore, her boyfriend. We talked for a while until Nikki decided she had to go, and then I realized I needed to go out and get my mom from the bus stop in the Wal-Mart parking lot, because she went to Tunica today. Then we all met up in Wal-Mart and then came home, where I've been working on homework and listening to cool music ever since.


Last night I went to bed around 3 or 4 in the morning, so I didn't wake up until about 12:15 this morning. That gave me 45 minutes to get ready for our long day of D&D at Erin Clayborn's house, and what a loooong day it was. I would say there were about 3 times too many people there. A game of 3 to 5 is all right, but there were at least 10 people there for that game. Renae McCloud, Adam Philpott, Aaron Taylor, Eric Moore, Nikki Barr, Rachel Bewley, Mitch Graham, Erin Clayborn, Gary Metz, Jon Robison, and I all showed up for the game. It was just too much. The story sucked, we didn't get far, and everyone decided they would try to kill me. First thing that happened was I walked into a bar that Jon was running, and he punched me for no reason. That was just dumb. Later after we got the group back together, Aaron or Erin (not sure which) stole our stuff while we were sleeping. Then when we ran into trouble, my turn was skipped and people just kept attacking, so I just said, "screw it" and decided I was going back to sleep in the game. Nobody wanted to wake me up in the first place anyway. Hopefully the next game won't have as many people, and nobody will try to kill me. I'm also hoping to get a chance to level up <cough>hint hint, dungeon master</cough> in the next game. Everyone else is either level 4 or 5 while I'm still struggling along at level 3.

Anyway, after I got home my dad gave me some pictures I went in to get developed, so tonight I'll be scanning pictures of friends and stuff to put on the Pictures page. I may get some done tonight, but I'll definitely have them all up by tomorrow evening. I also updated the News page.


Today has been pretty quiet. It rained last night. I slept in this morning until around 11:00 as usual. Having nothing better to do, I decided to do some work on the page. I wrote up some crap for the About page, slapped an old photo on the Pictures page, and added a few items to the Links page. I'll have to do quite a bit more work to get web mail for you guys if anyone's interested in signing up, and the forum and guest book will have to wait until I find a good place to get them, because apparently CyberCities wants me to pay for use of anything like that on their own servers. Other than that, nothing big planned for the day. Dad's getting the pool ready for the winter, so we'll be covering it up soon. I wish I could have had another pool party, but the water got really cold really fast, and that's just no fun to swim in. Later, Susi called and we talked for a little while, mostly about getting her ICQ fixed. She's been without it for almost two months now. The entire time we were talking I was trying to get ICQ 2000b to work. Luckily I finally got it all fixed up and working. Before it kept giving errors with one of my DLLs. Ick!

I'm looking forward to a big game of D&D tomorrow at Erin Clayborn's. Looks like Nikki Barr lucked out and got tomorrow off, so she'll finally be joining us for another great game. I may go to church tomorrow before the game because I need to stop at JC Penny to look at some crap my dad said was on sale. It's great having my parents shop for me. I never have to worry about going out to look for stuff myself. They check out what's on sale and what I might wear, and then I go for the fit and purchase. I'd rather not go to church, but it'd be easier to just drop by Penny's on the way home rather than spend gas on another trip back out to the other side of town. Why couldn't my sister have picked someplace closer to go to church? Sheesh!


Today was a grand day. No work and all play, but it was still tiring. I'm just worn out from an entire week of doing stuff. Today I got the yearbook nametags laminated and everything, so everyone's happy now. No homework except a little bit of calculus (4 problems to be exact). Nikki Holbrook came to visit for lunch. I guess she's gotten herself a little sniffle over the past couple of days. Hope you feel better soon, Nikki! Later, Danny and I went over to Sorrel's body shop to take a picture for their ad in the yearbook, but apparently they weren't ready. We'll make another appointment for a later date. After that, during 6th period, I went around to my assigned teachers to get my beat sheets done for yearbook. I got Mrs. Franks and Mrs. Jones. Now I just need to get a hold of Mrs. Freeman and I'll be done. While I was doing that I saw Rachel Trusty in Mr. Lonon's class, and they weren't doing anything, so I decided I'd go visit her, Jason Lee, and Jeff Green, the latter two deeply involved in a massive multiplayer (2) game of Tetris on their TI-86 calculators. Then after school I gave Sarah Conley a ride home and then took my sister and her friend over to her house, and later went to pick up my sister again to bring her home.


I had a great day today! What a surprise! I don't remember the last time I've had one of those! No homework or anything to worry about, and I'm just floating along through my day. I was called out of 5th and 6th periods for a presentation in the EAST Lab. Some lady came from some place to talk to us about some school. You can tell how well I payed attention! She showed some really cool stuff though. She even had a cow game where you tried to save the cows from getting struck by lightening! Gallop, you cows! Get out of there! Including the two periods I was there, I happened to run into Rachel Trusty maybe three times through the day, which I'm just not used to. I never get to see her any more. Then after the presentation in the EAST Lab, I moved some chairs out of the way for her, and then called her "Sarah!" I still can't believe I did that. Sorry Rachel! I had just been talking to both Sarah Conley and Sarah Hindsman all day, and I guess the name just kinda stuck! Then later Susi called right before I was about to head out to college day at Tech. I tried to convince her she needed to go too, but apparently she doesn't like me enough to come to Russellville to see me. We talked for a little while before I went on over to Tech. I walked in expecting a mosh pit of people walking around to different colleges. Instead I just saw a few people milling around a huge coliseum with several tables around the place for different college, bank, or military booths. After that I went to Jason Huynh's to hang out for a little while until I had to go pick up my sister from the junior high football game.

Anyway, previously speaking about Sarah Hindsman, she came on last night and sent me the galloping cow animated gif she had made the night before. Here it is, in all its glory, for all of you to see! Isn't it lovely? I love it! Thanks, Sarah! Soon I'll find a permenant home for it, but for now it can stay here on the main page to greet all that come to visit! Soon I'll probably add a page for art because I've got so many artistic friends. I really envy you guys. Maybe if I had some artistic talent I'd be better at all the stuff I try to do on computers like LightWave or even web design.


All in all I had a pretty good day today. It wasn't nearly as stressful as it was yesterday. It turns out both my history and physics tests are tomorrow. I think I did really well on my calculus test today, and I got my college essay back in English without any red marks. I guess that means mission accomplished! I didn't have to go take any pictures for yearbook ads today, so I'll have more time to read over my history for the test tomorrow. I need to start getting some good grades on these tests, because so far I'm doing well to pass that class. I just can't learn anything the way Mr. Lemley teaches it. After school I went out with Carrie to get some pictures of the campus cleanup. Then on the way back we stopped to talk to Jessica some. She had to wait until 4:00 to be picked up, so we figured we would stay to keep her company. Then I decided I needed to put my camera up before things locked up, so we went in and did that and saw, among other people, Rachel Trusty at Quiz Bowl. I talked with her and the others there for a bit and then wandered back to the journalism room and talked with Mrs. Little. When we came back out, Jessica was long gone. Then before we left I drove up on the sidewalk under the roofing at the front of the building. I thought it was awesome, but then Ms. Robinson came out and kinda got on to me. She asked if I needed lessons on where I can drive. Luckily that was all I got out of her. I've never liked her much, if at all.


Today was horrendously stressful for me. Things seemed to start out fairly well, but later became rather hectic. I have to write my college essay biography for tomorrow in English, look over some stuff for a calculus test tomorrow, and read over some world history crap for a test tomorrow. To top that off, right after school I had to go to Pro Motor to take a picture for their ad in the yearbook. On the first trip I left my camera at school. I would have sworn I grabbed that thing! I finally got back and took a few pictures. Then through all the stuff going on, I completely forgot to go to Postage Plus and take the picture there. I hope I can do their picture tomorrow. I can't take much more of this! We're not even through the entire first quarter of school, and I'm already dying! I can't handle it all! Right before I left school the first time, I saw Rachel and Beth walking out the door together. Rachel saw me but quickly turned away. Then she waved after seeing me wave to her out of the corner of her eye. I haven't had any contact with her since last Thursday the 14th. I missed her. All the while, Carrie's been really nice to me. She's my best bud in my journalism class right now.


Today has been a pretty nifty day. All throughout the day things just seemed to be going swell. I got all the pictures taken that I needed to finish name tags for the yearbook staff, and I'll be able to complete them all fully tomorrow. No homework in any of my classes, so I had plenty of time to relax after school. I gave Sarah Conley a ride home, and then headed on home myself. When I got on the computer, obviously the first thing I did was to check and see if my newly registered domain name (http://www.gallopingcow.com) was up and running, and it was. Then I set out to find a way to fix that ugly portal you see below. You now have the option of turning it on or off with the link in the lower right hand corner. Pretty spiffy, eh? The only thing I wish I had is domain name retaining. Now, when you choose to close the portal, you are forwarded directly to the site's hosting page (http://www3.cybercities.com/g/gallopingcow) instead of still seeing the "http://www.gallopingcow.com" in your address bar. Other than that, things are just working out great for me today! I made place holders for all my other pages and went ahead and made the News, Links, and Contact pages. Then I added an annoying little image to let you get rid of the ugly portal frame at the bottom of the page. Hope you all enjoy my site, and I'll try to be quick with the updates and new pages yet to come!


Today was quiet as usual. I overslept and thus missed my yearbook appointment. I was to go to one of the local churches to take a picture of their youth group for an ad they bought in our yearbook. I was up late last night, and I guess I just slept through all three of my alarms. I always have trouble getting up early on Sundays. After a little bit of vegetation, I finally set out to do some hard work on the Galloping Cow web page. In fact, I've done enough work so far that I'm actually writing this log onto the main page of the site. I still need to work on the other pages, but now I think I'm far enough along that I can go ahead and register the domain name. I'm gosh darn excited. I tried to make a silly Flash intro to the page, but I haven't worked on Flash in such a long time I've almost completely forgotten how to do everything. The next pages I'm going to put up will probably be About, Links, and perhaps News, Pictures, and History. It all just depends on what I have time for and what I'm actually smart enough to figure out.


An otherwise boring day, today my family and I went to my cousin Randy's birthday party. Happy birthday, Randy! We had a nice multi-cultured party there, completely unintentional of course. We had Vietnamese egg rolls, some sort of cornbread or something, steak, a piƱata, and some yummie potatoes. While I was there, I finished building a desk someone had started for Randy's new computer, and then put the computer together once I had finished the desk. Everything ran smoothly for the computer, and I had fun putting it all together. Later on into the night I decided there wasn't much left for me to do at the party, so I came on back home and went out back to play with our new cat. I sat patting her for a while until I found a rough patch of hair on her head. I soon got up and went inside after finding a nest of fleas on the poor thing. You think those flea collars don't work very well until you have a cat without one, and a white one to contrast the dark fleas at that!


I was feeling a lot better this morning. I went to bed in decent spirits and woke up ready to miss my regular school schedule. The yearbook seminar was a bit boring at times, but no worse than world history. I STILL hate history. I was sitting between Carrie and Jessica, and they kept passing notes back and forth, and they wouldn't let me see them. Hmm, I wonder what they were talking about. Then after the seminar, some of us decided to go hang out at Taco Bell. Then right after I ordered my food, everyone left to go to school for 6th and 7th periods, so I sat at a table and ate by myself. They were worried about being late for 6th period. I took my time and ate my "Nachos Bell Grande" and then took the taco thing that came with it to school with me. I made it in plenty of time. I saw Nikki Barr coming out of the building as I was walking up, so I talked with her for a bit and gave her the taco. Then I casually walked on into the building to Mrs. Little's class, because that's where I go now instead of study hall. Both 6th and 7th periods turned out to be pretty fun, so I didn't mind being there.

After I took my sister to the high school for band, I went over to Mitch's and talked with him for a bit. His pet turtle is really awesome. I encourage everyone to go ask him about it. He told me he's also going to be working on a computer generated movie with PNE, a computer company here in town. Then we went to Sonic to see his girlfriend, and then I went to the game. I couldn't seem to get any good shots in whatsoever. I had a pretty bad time through most of it. In the end we lost by 3 points. Oh well, another loss.


Today sucked. The first of the day was alright, but it sure didn't take its time going downhill. I guess that 9.8 meters per second squared made sure it wasn't gonna slow down any. Classes went alright, and I even got all my name tags done for the pictures I had. Then I got to develop some film for yearbook. I always love doing that. Then after school things were alright for a little while and then it all seemed to fall apart. I guess I'll have plenty of time to cheer up tonight. I'm going to Nikki Barr's for another AD&D party. It'll be good to have a few friends around. After school I got to talk to Rachel Trusty for a little while. Some weirdo came and wrote on her car and left a flower for her. Aww, how sweet. Seems she and Chris Sanderock are gonna hook it up. Congrats to Chris, obviously a better man than I. In the mean time, listening to some Metallica to get my mind off of all the crap that's happened lately, the song "So What" seems to be the most appropriate.

After writing all of the above, I went to Nikki's for AD&D, and then we went out to eat, and then over to Rachel Bewley's house and played some more. Tonight was a lot of fun, but we won't get to meet again until next weekend.


Today was pretty cool. Aside from being late for school, most everything went alright. I had to take Mom to the Wal-Mart parking lot again to wait for the bus to Tunica. This should be one of the last times she goes in a long time. She's finally realized she's out of money, and we don't have any spending money right now. I'm lucky to even get my senior pictures, and any thought of a senior memento in the back of the yearbook would just be unheard of. Later during school before 5th period ended, I got to leave campus to go to the River Valley Bank to take a picture for their ad in the yearbook. From now on, instead of going to study hall, I can just stay in the yearbook room and hang around in there. My English test went alright, but my world history test was horrible. I just can't ever do well in social studies classes, especially the way my teacher teaches this year. I like him alright as a person, but I haven't learned a single thing from that class so far this year. We've taken two chapter tests and I've bombed them both. They're horrible. I study, but I can never get any of the material memorized. On the other hand, I'm having a blast in AP calculus. I'm hoping to have an A in there this 9 weeks, which shouldn't be too much of a problem. I do my work and do well on tests. The A in there would give me the 5 point jump I need to keep my GPA up. Other than that, it's been a pretty dull day. I think Kelly, Sarah, and Eric are going to the fair tonight, but I didn't want to go, being that I'm afraid of those evil carnies and rickety rides.

Apparently my sister brought back a cat when she came back from church tonight. I didn't even know until I turned out the kitchen light and noticed the laundry room light on. I asked why, and Dad said because the cat was in there. I started to wonder why he had dug our dead cat back up and put it in the laundry room until I realized what he meant. It's a cute little booger, gray with a white belly. It doesn't seem to be very used to people yet though. Oh well.


Not everything went as planned today, but overall it was a pretty good day. In the EAST Lab I couldn't get Paint Shop Pro to install right on the computer I needed it on. Then I couldn't get out world history to take pictures like I was supposed to because I didn't have a note. Everything else seemed to go alright. I saw Rachel heading to her advisory class while I was at my locker, so I flagged her down and she came to talk for a couple seconds. It seems that the turn-around in Kroger wasn't completely pointless yesterday. She actually wanted a snowcone, but the place was closed. Then she almost seemed upset that I didn't follow her the rest of the way home, but I'm sure she didn't really want me to anyway. In journalism, Carrie touched a Mac. Later after school I talked to Rachel Trusty again and had spasms when she said she likes Macs. I guess this means she isn't perfect any more. Maybe we can talk her into our firm religion that Macs are of the devil. Later after I got home, Jason came over and showed me some pictures of himself being raped by a monkey in Vietnam. That definitely needs to go into the yearbook!


Today I managed to run around and get 2 out of 3 of my assigned teachers checked for my beat sheets in yearbook. I'm actually going to start around Thursday this week to get my beat sheet done for this next Monday. I'm not sure what I'll do for my thing for yearbook that's due on Thursday. Maybe I'll do a page layout this time. All my classes went alright, I guess. I went into the art class 5th period and just happened to see my friends Jared and Rachel. I didn't even notice them until they both brought my attention to themselves. You should have kept quiet, Jared! By the way, you might check out his site at www.reactoronline.com. Later on I talked to Rachel Trusty after school. Not surprising to me, she didn't seem very excited to see me. Later on I followed her around a little bit on the way home. She tried to trick me by pulling into the Kroger parking lot, but I followed her in and was fully expecting her to get out and actually go in, but she just went in, turned around, and started heading home again. I eventually got tired of that little game and slowed down to about 10 MPH going up Skyline so she could go along her merry little way. I took the next right and cruised comfortably along the way home listening to Metallica's Puppet Master really loud while driving home at 25 to 30 MPH. I didn't feel too well for obvious reasons, so I just cruised around for a little while until the song finished and then pulled into my driveway and went inside. My mom decided to go grocery shopping, so I've been sitting here listening to loud music with bass pumped up all this time. I guess I really should start limiting my daily logs to like 5 or 6 lines, but hey, it's my web site, my journal, and my life. Regardless of what you think, this is NOT Burger King, and you will have it MY way, or NOT at all.

Later, Blake came by to pick up his CDs. He was a bit upset that there were 6 errored CDs, but he wouldn't let me pay for them. Now I'm looking for labels and CD printers to label his CDs with. I could go into a big business burning CDs for new bands in Russellville! Nifty!


Today was alright overall. My dad, sister, her friend Andrea, and I all went to Fort Smith for a magic club meeting up there. Dad's the president of the club, Ring 75, the Fort Smith chapter of the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM). I was driving while my sister and her friend were sitting in back, constantly yelling and screaming and laughing. Needless to say, I got a headache really quick from them. Then my sister kept doing all these annoying things that just generally made me mad at her all day long. After the club meeting, my dad and I went to find my Julie and Andrea at the mall, where we walked around for a while and then headed over to Best Buy. While we were there, my dad spotted 50 pack spindles of 74 minute CDRs for $9 each, so I got a couple of those. Now I just need to send in the mail-in rebates. Even without the rebates they weren't too bad. Full price was just $18.99 each. Then we got home and I found that one of the CDs I had left for my mom to burn had errored out right before the last track was finished burning. Needless to say, I was a bit upset about that. So far, out of the 50 I've been given to burn, 4 have had errors. Usually I wouldn't be too bothered by this number, except for the fact that my friend Jason, who was also given a total of 50 CDs to burn for our friend Blake, didn't have a single bad CD. I'm hoping whoever Blake got these CDs from has a warranty on them, so we can trade in the bad ones for some good ones. If not, I'll gladly pay for any CDs I failed to burn correctly. Now I only have 6 more CDs to burn and I'm done! Woohoo!


Today was a pretty good day. I didn't go to bed until around 4:30 this morning, and got up around 9 or so. I spent all day burning CDs for Blake Martin and his band. I can finish the rest of them today and then I get to go out and play. Nikki Barr had another AD&D party at her place. After a while I headed on out to the bowling alley to meet a couple girls from Dover. Combined, they said a total of maybe 20 words to me. It wasn't exactly worth leaving Dungeons and Dragons for, but I won't hold it against them. I tried to make conversation, but it seemed as thought they were just trying to get rid of me the entire time. I don't really care. I went back to finish the game of AD&D and had a blast there. Robin came out all dressed up like she was going to go somewhere, but she swore that's what she was going to go to sleep in. I personally think she was going to sneak out and go to Disney World after everyone else went to sleep. Guy was there to play AD&D, but he slept through the entire thing. I just pretended he was acting like Ryan was, as Ryan couldn't make it to the game, and was thus put into hibernation until next weekend.


Check it out. I forgot to write my stupid log last night. It's usually a religious act I go through, but my mom hijacked my computer and I completely forgot about it. All during the evening I was thinking of stuff to write, but then I forgot all about it. So in order to make myself feel at least a little better about it, I'm going to go back and pretend it's yesterday and write a log about what happened. I hope I can remember everything!


Now that I'm done writing yesterday's log today, which should have been tomorrow, but due to my forgetfulness has become, through the course of time, today, and will soon become yesterday, due to the continuous flow of said variable T, I can continue with today's log, which should have been tomorrow's log after yesterday's log, but writing yesterday's log today, has caused both yesterday's and today's logs be today's logs, therefor this would be today's second log, which should actually be today's only log as though today's first log were yesterday's first and only log.

Yes, well, now then...

I've decided not to go to the game at Conway tonight (which I knew during the writing of yesterday's log today, but decided to exclude from the log as though I were writing yesterday's log yesterday rather than today). I couldn't get a hold of (right, I said I was going to go ahead and start giving names because it won't matter once I put some pictures up anyway) Susan, which was my main reason for going down there. I didn't really want my car to get bashed by rival Conwayians, I don't like football, and two other guys will be taking pictures of the game, so therefor I have no need to be in Conway if I won't get to see my friend while I'm down there. I think we'll wrap it up there, folks! See ya tomorrow!

9-7-00 (It's really tomorrow, but I'm going to pretend it's today so I'll feel better about missing yesterday's log tomorrow.)

I think I've decided to just completely forget about the anonymity factor on my site. If I don't give names, then obviously I can't put any pictures up, because then that would give away their identity. Since I don't have anything better to put up on the site, I'd like to have a page of pictures and stuff, so I'll just give in to the evil name-telling despite my wish to remain anonymous. I'm not sure if I want to go to the football game tonight against Conway. The only real reason I want to go is because I've got a friend that lives down there, and I never get to visit her, so I figured it'd be a perfect opportunity. It is a rivalry game though, and I'd rather not get my car all smashed up, so I'll just have to see how things go.

I've also been thinking about how stupid the domain www.gallopingcow.com is. I'm thinking something like www.flyingllama.com or even www.gallopingllama.com would be cooler. I think for now I'll stick with www.gallopingcow.com and maybe later I'll also register either flying or galloping creature domains.


Today was pretty quiet. My sister and I got up a little earlier than usual because I had to take my mom to go catch her bus to Tunica right before school started. All in all it was a pretty good day. At lunch I ate two pears off of the tree. A couple other people went with me to the dark room to develop some black and white film for yearbook. My pictures turned out pretty well. I can't wait to make some prints out of them. After a little calculus and world history homework, I'll be trying to do stuff for yearbook and burning some CDs for my friend's band. I only have about 40 more to do! Woohoo!

Later in the evening, a girl that found me on ICQ a couple days ago asked if I wanted to go on a blind date with a friend of hers. I don't know what she was thinking. She must be nuts. Either way it didn't matter. The three of us got into a chat and her friend refused to go anyway. I feel like I've been dumped, and I never even agreed to the blind date in the first place!


I couldn't sleep last night. I woke up in the middle of the night with either a heart attack or heart burn. I'm not sure which. Then when I woke up I wasn't feeling well, and then to top it all off, my mom wanted to take my sister and me to school. I ask, who is this woman that comes to my home once a week and tries to order me around?

As far as school went, I couldn't seem to keep my eyes open in calculus. It was a combination of the lack of sleep the previous night, and the shear boredom of the particular subject matter of the day. I finished the day off with homework in calculus and world history. On the way out I ran into a couple of my lovely lady friends, and I stopped to chat with them for a while. I grabbed a couple pears off the tree out front and walked them to their cars as I chowed down. How rude.

Later before dinner, another lovely lady friend of mine called to talk for a little while. She's the only one that has ever had any interest in talking to me over the phone. I've never talked on the phone just to be social before. We hadn't talked in a while, so we just caught up on recent happenings in our lives.

Finally, to wrap up this log for today, I've come to realize that, even though I've left this site completely free of names, I'm writing my daily log crap so detailed that you'd have to be completely oblivious to the world not to know who I am or who I'm talking about. So much for anonymity!


No school today. Thank God. I desperately needed a day off. This weekend has just been packed. Otherwise a normal day of loafing around and general vegetation, a friend invited me over to play a game of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. It was actually pretty fun, although very informal. None of us used magic, and the game was just made up as we went along. We're going to meet again sometime to continue the game, although our big, dumb orc will be hibernating for another two weeks. I'm personally excited just to get together again and have a little fun. For all I care, we could have been juggling wooden rulers and balancing Cheetos on our noses. It's just fun hanging out with the others.


Good grief, why would anyone want to disturb my peaceful slumber? I didn't even go to bed until about 3 or 4 this morning, and now my family actually wants me to wake up and start heading out to church at 9:30! WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!? If it were up to me, church would start around midnight and last for maybe half an hour. Maybe I'll start my own church so I can do just that for all the people out there like me. Today was all about my sister. I had to go see her Baptisificationing. That's my word for Baptism in case you didn't figure that out. I just think it sounds better with all those suffixes. Go sis! Now you're.. you're.. well.. You're wet.. DON'T TOUCH ME!


Went to my grandparents' house today. I spent most of the trip thinking about what I wanted for a domain name. Driving past the pastures in the open country, I looked out my window just in time to see a black and white cow galloping across a field. What a cute little youngster cow. That was all the inspiration I needed to think of the name www.gallopingcow.com. I know you're asking, "Why galloping cow? Why not something cool, or something that at least makes sense?" Well my answer to you is simple. All the good names were taken! You just can't get domains like www.superhacker.com any more for under $4 million! Even www.zelnick.com was already taken! So, with the power invested in me by this keyboard, mouse, and cable modem, I hereby name this site www.gallopingcow.com!


I went to my first football game today. I had to go take pictures for the yearbook. At first I totally hated it, but after a little while I got my mind off of the football and just had fun playing with the camera I got. I love using that zoom lens, and for once I felt like I was actually worth something to be out there taking pictures, taking part in documenting high school history.

I also just heard about the place to get a free domain name today. I can't decide what I want to get though. I really wanted to register www.geocities.com but apparently somebody already has that one. Shux, guess that means I'll have to keep thinking. Also a mental note to myself: how convenient of me to find the free domain offer and write my first of many daily logs to come on the first day of September! This should make it MUCH easier to remember when everything started out!

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